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Free Next Business Day Delivery

Free Next Business Day Delivery

How can I get free delivery?
Place your order online by 4 PM and we will deliver your order next business day for free! All deliveries are made between 9 AM through 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Minimum purchase is $50 (calculated before taxes). Certain zip codes do not apply, see below for all applicable zip codes.

Applicable zip codes:
78201 78202 78203 78204

78205 78206 78207 78208

78209 78210 78211 78212

78213 78214 78215 78216

78217 78218 78219 78220

78221 78222 78223 78224

78225 78226 78227 78228

78229 78230 78231 78232

78233 78234 78235 78236

78237 78238 78239 78240

78241 78242 78244 78247

78248 78249 78250 78251

78256 78257 78258 78260

The following restrictions apply:
• The order must be a minimum of $50. For orders less than $50, a minimum fee of $5 will be charged.

• Custom orders are excluded.

• Backorders are excluded. Upon receiving order, a customer service specialist will notify you by phone or email.

How do I choose this option when I checkout?
If your zip code is listed, during the checkout process enter your zip code in the shipping calculator section. Then click the drop down menu for the Shipping Method, and select Free Delivery (if in SA area). It’s that simple!

If you have any questions about our Free Next Business Day Delivery, please call one of our customer service specialists at 210.650.9500.

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